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Moved SUNRISE from Tumblr to SmackJeeves

Hi guys,

I understand it’s been a hugely long hiatus - a stumbling block of family loss, redundancy, re-starting my freelance business, moving house and breaking equipment (Computer, wacom, monitors - you would not believe) But now, hopefully, things are starting to look up a bit :)

I’ve moved SUNRISE onto Smack Jeeves, it’s an easier to update platform with a little more control over when I can queue panels up to post. I got a little fed up with the Tumblr theme resetting at the worst times, usually when I wasn’t there to fix it! 

To coincide with my first comics convention in 10 years, I’ve up and moved it, and committed myself to bringing SUNRISE back to life with the intention of finishing it in the next year and looking to get it published. I’ll be at Thought Bubble in Leeds this weekend to learn about publishing comics both digitally and on paper, to network with some small-press publishers and see if I can drum up some interest with some handy little bookmarks I’ll be handing out to those of you needed something to mark your shiny new comics with :) If you see a lass with short blue hair and what can only be described as a ‘Zombie-saurus’ jumper, then that will most likely be me :) (but no stealth hugs - I may lash out in surprise and I don’t want to be breaking any noses!) 

The new page can be viewed here  and you can now leave comments if you’d like :)

There’s also a facebook page you can ‘like’ to be kept up-to-date with events and new announcements here; 

Thankyou again for all your continued support, and incredible patience! Let’s make next year kick the arse of this last year! :D